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ELDICO Scientific manufactures electron diffractometers, i.e. novel analytical instruments used by R&D and quality control.

Any compound requires its 3D atomic structure to become ultimately “fully characterized”. However, only 10% of all crystalline substances are described accordingly. The reason: Present diffraction methods are only applicable to samples of sub-millimeter sizes. ED overcomes this limitation and allows investigations on nano-crystalline systems, i.e. at least 1 million times smaller in volume. For example in drug discovery hundreds of thousands of known but not fully characterized crystalline compounds could be rapidly screened for their scientific or commercial potential. This applies also for many other fields, such as MOFs, zeolithes, minerals, and natural products.


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Other than transmission electron microscopes (TEM), the device is designed dedicated solely to Electron Diffraction (ED; also known as microED or tomography), allowing to outperform TEM in diffraction. With a disruptive horizontal design and an innovative probe handling mechanism, the dedicated Electron Diffractometer will support crystallographers to enter the field of nano-crystallography and produce important structural information faster, with better quality and at lower cost.
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